VOCALOID™4 歌愛ユキ 各種ガイドライン



These Guidelines were prepared to establish a clear standard basis regarding usage of the Kaai Yuki character which is originated from the Kaai Yuki products, which published by AHS Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rightholders” collectively).


"Character" shall mean all of the graphics, the character design and the character name “Kaai Yuki”, that are used on the product packages and the promotional materials of the Kaai Yuki products, and other related merchandises.

2.Grant of License

If you wish to make your derivative work of Character under a name of individual or fan group for free-distribution and for non-commercial purpose, you may use Character without any inquiry to or approval of Rightholders.

Paid distribution of your derivative work under a name of individual or fan group merely to recoup costs incurred such as material cost or printing cost is seen as non-commercial usage but such Character users must refer to the following website prior to such usage. (Sorry. Only in Japanese)

If you wish to distribute your derivative work commercially, or distribute your derivative work under a name of corporation whether commercially or not, you must contact AHS Co. Ltd. in a written form prior to such usage.

Using Character against public order and morality including obscene, sexual or profane definitions under applicable laws of the Japan, or using Character in order to defame or insult Rightholders, the creators of Character data or any other third party is strictly prohibited.


Interpretation of these Guidelines is basically deferred to common sense of each Character user. However, when there is a doubt of violation of these Guidelines, Rightholders may take action upon receipt of such information if necessary. Rightholders are not obliged to inform their judgment of violation regarding specific works when inquired by other persons than the creator of the specific work.

4.Amendment or Revision

These Guidelines may be amended or revised at any time at its sole discretion of Rightholders. And such amendment or revision shall be effective upon posting of such revised agreement on the webpage of Rightholders. Character users must check for updates of these Guidelines before publishing their derivative work.

If you wish to inquire about these Guidelines, please contact [AHS Co. Ltd.] in written form. (Sorry. Only in Japanese)

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